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Our Moto:
Safety is not a game!

Eurogoma Sh.p.k found in 1992 in Prishtina, is one of the leading wholesale and retail tire companies in the region of Kosovo. We have come a long way since then; we are now one of the the largest i tire and auto service shops in Kosovo. Today, we have over 24 locations, and continue to grow!

By being General Distributors of many highly recognized brands we continuously aim to built trust and create a safer life for our constumers and their families.

Our staff is another irreplaceable asset, beyond the products that we offer.
During all these years the number of employess has been increased , Today we have around 200 employess .

We are proud that we can say we meet the demands of consumers all over Kosovo.

EUROGOMA company's main activities are:

  • Import
  • Distribution
  • Wholesale and retail sale of tires, batteries, alloy wheels, motor oils and car cosmetics



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