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Trust that pays off

 Go for the better choice. Whenever you choose a VARTA battery you can trust in theexpertise of a global technology leader – just like the majority of top car manufacturers do. New application developments by car makers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes- Benz like Start-Stop and micro hybrid lead to new technologies e. g. AGM, EFB, Li-Ion and 48 V batteries. And with VARTA you really take advantage of these close working relationships. You will benefit from exceptional reliability, more sustainability, and an up to three times longer cycle life if you go for EFB or AGM. Premium manufacturers trust in VARTA, so you can too.

Blue Dynamic EFB, Silver Dynamic AGM

 Introducing a superior battery to power high-performance applications with the help of its enhanced EFB technology. The Blue Dynamic EFB is suited for highly equipped cars and for vehicles with conventional Start-Stop functionality that start the engine multiple times in a single journey. VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB is the ideal choice for those who depend on the lasting power to get everything done in a day—it offers the extra power and consistent performance you need. 

 The best of the best. The Silver Dynamic AGM battery is capable of powering the most demanding vehicles and accessories with three times the endurance of conventional batteries. It’s designed to meet the huge energy demands of vehicles equipped with advanced Start-Stop systems, such as regenerative braking. On top of that, because they are produced and engineered in Germany, you can rest assured that they are precisely made to the highest quality standards.

PowerFrame grid technology – at the heart of every VARTA battery

With VARTA®, you get innovations that work to your advantage. For a start, our patented PowerFrame stamped grid technology lasts longer and is safer than conventional grids, and is up to 66 percent more durable than other designs. Also, the energy flow is up to 70 percent higher for exceptional performance. Which means every VARTA battery is extremely reliable.


VARTA batteries are more sustainable than ever – manufactured with 20% less energy and reduced emissions. Plus, all VARTA products are responsibly recycled. ecosteps®, a battery recycling program run by Johnson Controls, ensures a closed recycling loop for automotive batteries. So whenever you choose a VARTA battery, you can be sure that ecosteps helps to promote a cleaner environment and sustainable use of resources. When after a long service life you need a new VARTA battery, act responsibly, contact your nearest ecosteps certified workshop and hand your old battery in for optimum recycling.

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